Connecting to Earth

To help keep connections you make when practicing tai chi or qigong in nature, try this. Find a grove of trees or a place in nature surrounded by trees. Stand with feet shoulder width apart, let your tailbone drop, let you head be light as if held by a string from a balloon. Soften your feet and feel the bubbling well in your foot open allowing chi from the earth to flow into your body. Imagine roots from your feet going into the earth gently, connect you to the elements therein. Stand tall like a tree. Breathe. Remain until you feel the connection and as long as you like thereafter. 

The next time you are feeling that you need to be back in nature, or any morning as you rise or evening before bed, picture your footsteps in that place, still connecting you to the earth, and the nature all around you. Remember the roots you put down and feel the energy rising into your feet. Breathe and remember you are still there.